How Going Solar Works

Solar Panels

Solar panels are made of silver and silicone (or solar) cells which absorb light energy and convert it into excess electron energy. The solar panels then take that energy and turn it into electric power. The silver is the conductor and is used to pass the electricity through to an inverter.


The silicone solar cells generate direct current (DC) electricity which is converted by the inverter into an alternating current (AC) electricity, the type that can be used in a standard home.

Electrical Panel

Once the power has been converted to AC electricity, it runs directly to the electrical panel where it can be distributed throughout your home.

Utility Meter

The utility meter is used to measure your electrical supply and reports how much energy your system generates to the utility grid. Your utility company adjusts your bill according to your energy generation and usage, with any excess energy accrued being credited to your account.

Here’s how the Patriot Solar Process Works

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