Save the Earth

Guaranteed to make a difference

People often give lip service to living green. We try to recycle. We attempt to conserve gas and buy hybrid vehicles, but we’re never quite sure if what we do is making a significant difference. A home with solar energy by Patriot is guaranteed to make a difference. By getting solar you will be making a significant contribution to the future of our planet. 

The sun is all around us (that was in a song, right?) and it’s unlimited, reliable and clean energy. Harnessing that power would make a significant impact on the pollution of our planet. For example, if just 5% of Americans who own homes went to a solar solution, it would be equal to taking over 7 million cars off the road or planting as many trees. 

The government is pushing for citizens to take advantage of a tax rebate to go with a solar energy solution. There are no guarantees as to how long this will last, so the sooner we take advantage, the better. But, regardless, solar is the best outcome for our planet.

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